Compassionate Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services

What Primary Care services do we offer?

  • HIV Testing
  • HEP C Screening
  • STI Screening
  • Drug Screening
  • PrEP
  • Primary Care


S1C utilizes the HIV Care Continuum to plan programs and collaborations that will help People Living With HIV (PLWH) seamlessly follow the Care Continuum to better health and viral suppression.

Since its inception 20 years ago S1C has provided the FIRST STAGE and SECOND STAGE of the HIV CARE Continuum: Diagnosed and Linkage to Care. Around 10 years ago S1C began to add programs to address the THIRD STAGE of the CARE Continuum focused on engaging and retaining clients in medical care and consists of targeted interventions for minority and trans populations. Recently S1C engaged in the FOURTH STAGE of the Care Continuum. In 2015, S1C opened two health and wellness centers to prescribe Antiretroviral Therapy to our clients and simultaneously enroll them in a Case Management program to ensure adherence to their medical plan. These programs result in the FIFTH STAGE of the Care Continuum: Achieved Viral Suppression.

S1C links all newly diagnosed HIV clients to medical care within 30 days and provides case management and mental health counseling to promote medical care retention, ensuring viral suppression and continuation of a treatment plan.

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