Structured Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

Overview and Treatment Strategies

 Someone Cares adheres to ASAM Level 2.5  criteria to guide implementation of its partial hospitalization treatment program. This program focuses on ensuing important community ties and closely resembling the real life experiences of the consumer served. The program is designed with twenty hours of clinically intense programming based upon the consumer’s treatment needs. The program reflects a high degree of structure and scheduling. Structured program will consist of individual counseling, family counseling and group services with psychiatric and medical services readily accessible. Our goal is to bring consumers independently back into society, enabling them to learn to live again addiction-free. Our philosophical approach to care is grounded in the knowledge that the client is the expert in forging his/her path to recovery. We recognize this as a journey or process which will be different for every client. As such, our practices are guided by the Stage of Change Model and Motivational Interviewing Techniques, which forms the basis for partnering with our clients to design interventions to help achieve their desired behavioral change. Thus, our services are undergirded by the integrated themes of self-determination, choice, responsibility, skill building, healing, resiliency, connection, and family and community involvement. This person-centered, recovery-focused approach guides all aspects of our client interactions and is intended to allow them to choose a life course that is not inhibited or defined by their illness(es).


Phase I: Intake and Assessment

All candidates for the treatment program are pre-screened for readiness and eligibility. Once eligibility is determined, the intake process will include a brief assessment, after the brief assessment is conducted, an adult comprehensive assessment of individual capacities, strengths and needs across the wellness and functioning spectrum, i.e., medical, social, cultural, legal, and financial is conducted. Once the initial assessment is complete, the client will work with an assigned Therapist to identify and establish recovery goals.

  • Clients must be between 12 and 17 years of age

Phase II: Primary Treatment

During the primary treatment phase, consumers will be assessed for higher treatment need through the use of the agencies comprehensive assessment and alcohol and drug assessment. After the assessment has been completed, consumers will be assigned to the program based upon treatment necessity. They will be assigned a Substance Abuse Counselor, Therapist, Para Professional and nurse which provide a highly structured recovery environment in combination with professional clinical services to support and promote recovery. Aligned with the ASAM Level II.5 structured activities will be provided in the mornings and in the evenings.

ASAM Level 2.5

Level 2.5 partial hospitalization programs (PHP), also known as “day treatment,” generally provide 20 or more hours of clinically intensive programming per week, as specified in the patient’s treatment plan. Level 2.5 partial hospitalization programs typically have direct access to psychiatric, medical and laboratory services, and thus are better able than Level 2.1 programs to meet needs identified in Dimension 1, Acute intoxication and/withdrawal potential; Dimension 2, Biomedical conditions and complications; and Dimension 3, emotional, behavioral or cognitive conditions and complications; which warrant daily monitoring or management but which can be appropriately addressed in a structured outpatient setting.